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Thursday, 25 February 2010

London Fashion Week - Day 2 - 20/02/10

The sun was shining, the public were dressed to impress and the paparazzi were leering… just another day at LFW.
Our day started with the LFW exhibition. Many ranges were displayed, from accessories to NEWGEN, to Estethica, with every stand being completely unique.
Most of the Jewellery was themed, and the tarnished texture seemed to be the most popular. The ranges of clothing displayed a variety of fabric textures and shapes. The ‘worn look’ seemed to be repeated among the brands.

Favourite brands of the day …


Eye catching and avant-garde, KRON by KRON are the future of footwear. Designed by Hugrun Arnadottir and Magni Porsteinsson, form Iceland, these pieces of art are super feminine whilst displaying a bold range of colours, they also draw together quirky materials. They would brighten up and personalise any outfit.

Images courtesy of www.kronbykronkron.com/

Sia Dimitriadi
Every girls dream. The ruffles, layers, hem lines and pastel colours are enough to make any girl feel and look like a fairy-tail princess. This self taught designer displays romance through her designs. The pieces seem irresistible…

Image courtesy of www.zelfist.com


The perfect gift for a special occasion,
Bjørg jewellery reflects passion and emotion. The range has an everyday use whilst being unique and edgy.

Image courtesy of http://www.bjorgjewellery.com/2009/
After exploring the exhibition, Lizzie and I headed to the Bell Sauvage show. Not quite knowing what to expect, we took our seats in anticipation.
Virginia Ferreira and Christian Neuman are the designers behind the contemporary womanswear label, and are known for their striking digital prints and imaginative silhouettes.

The collection demonstrated elongated post-human silhouettes which highlight bold graphic prints, all of which, H.R Giger is the inspiration.

Then onto the highlight of the day, the star studded PPQ show. After mingling and taking in the atmosphere, we were taken to our seats to view what was dramatic display of ‘Fantasia’.
The collection bought together by Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker, consisted of boned bodies, volume, and body conscious shapes. Opulent velvet, moray taffetas and silken crepe were all used to define the theme.
With a front row of celebs such as Peaches Geldof, Pixie Lott, Marina of Marina and the Diamonds, the Saturdays, George Lamb and the Skins cast, PPQ’s collection yet again, has given us exciting things to look forward to.

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