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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Interview with Philip Treacy

Our interview with Phillip Treacy took place in his studio in Battersea, South London. First we were seated in the boardroom, which elegantly displayed an array of his stunning creations, before then being shown to his office/studio space. One of the walls was covered from top to bottom in wooden hatblock moulds, which were lit up by natural sunlight beaming through the glass roof.
Treacy took his seat in his swing chair which was hung in the middle of the room. I noticed the thimble on his middle finger, which he has said to only feel dressed in the morning when he is wearing it.

Meeting such a well respected Milliner was an experience in itself, let alone hearing all the gripping information he shared with us.
We discussed topics ranging from his efforts to glamorise women, his fondness of Lady Ga Ga, his experience of getting to know Karl Lagerfeld, all the way to his appreciation for great photography.

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